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How does the Pure Ozone Calgary Removal process work?

We use Commercial High output Ozone machines combined with ULV fogging techniques to eliminate odours. These high output machines shock the area of concern to disinfect and remove foul odours. No people or pets can be in the area during the shock treatment. The process takes between 1-4 hours depending the situation.

How long Odor Removal process will take?

Normally 1-4 hours, our technician will decide upon severity of smell.

How much will it cost me?

Prices start at $400 for a typical home. Please call for more accurate pricing 587-893-2272.

Does Pure Ozone Calgary removal process use any chemicals?

Chemical are not required for our sanitization process.

Will the Odour Removal process harm upholstery or fabrics?

Ozone is a colourless gas and will not harm materials. It will not bleach or harm carpet, upholstery or fabrics

How large an area will the Odour Removal process treat?

A treatment area can be as small as a car or as large as a 10,000 square foot Office. The time it takes to treat an area depends on the severity of the odors.

Can the process be operated with people or pets in the room?

No, the removal process will only be operated in vacant or unoccupied spaces.

Does it take more than one Treatment?

One treatment will usually remove all odours caused by organic materials. In the unlikely event that odours do linger, we can provide a second treatment.

Can you remove curry cooking odors from a home?

Yes, this process can remove cooking odours from a homes or restaurants. Curry oil is difficult to remove and will likely require a cleaning of the oils before treatment begins

Does the CE Odor Removal process ever fail?

Usually when an odor returns there are factors surrounding the smell. Carpet padding, air filters and other sponge type porous material is the primary factor for odors recurring. There are times when a deep cleaning of carpets before treatment is required.

We had an animal die in our home can you treat the smell?

Yes, any organic smell can be treated and removed. But first, the dead animals or human waste must first be removed.

In what areas do you currently provide service?

We provide services to Calgary, Airdrie, Chestermere, Cochrane, Okotoks, High River, and other surrounding communities.

Does the ozone process leave an odour?

Yes. The treatment process produces a “sterile” environment, but this naturally subsides within a couple of days.

Is the Pure Ozone Calgary Removal process environmentally friendly?

Yes. The process leaves no bi-products and cleans using only the elements found in nature.

How soon after the ozone treatment can I re-enter?

Most treatment areas can be safely re-entered within 30 minutes. Our technicians will inform you of the safe re-entry time.

Can the ozone treatment be used on automobiles?

Yes, we can remove odours from any indoor environment!

Can the Ozone treatment kill mold?

Our method is very effective in attacking mold, mildew, and mold spores. At high levels, O3 will deteriorate the cell structure of mold molecules. However, because of the restrictions on where the ozone gas can reach, and how resilient mold is, ozone shock treatment provides no guarantee that mold will be eliminated from the dwelling or that it will not return.

Can the Ozone treatment get rid of animal odours?

Yes, we are very effective in eliminating animal odours because it attacks these odours at their source. O3 is a very active molecule and will follow the same path that the animal odours took when they entered these materials or areas.

Can the ozone process be used to sanitize a home or office?

Yes Ozone is extremely effective at eradication of bacteria and virus

My clothes and furniture smell after a smoke fire in my home. Can the CE Odor Removal process remove the smells from my clothes and furniture?

Yes, our method attacks these odors at the source. Our method removes these odors by following the same path the odors took to originate. Thus, killing the problem at the source.

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