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Cleaning Products


At the end of the sanitation process, the only by-product remaining is fresh clean air. 

Ozone is natures cleaning system 

Ozone (O3, a gas composed of three oxygen atoms) is naturally generated in nature when atmospheric Oxygen (O2) rises to the stratosphere, and when lightning strikes the earth. Our professional grade Ozone generating equipment mimics this natural process, converting the Oxygen (O2) to (O3) while the machines are running. The (03) within the home will convert back to Oxygen within 15 minutes of the machines turning off.


Ozone is a highly effective natural steriliser that oxidizes any organic contaminant on contact. Which makes it extremely effective at removing foul odours from your home, vehicle, or equipment. Ozone continually reverts back to its most stable form by releasing one of its atoms to turn back into Oxygen (from O3 to O2). As the additional Oxygen atom breaks free, it will oxidize any organic matter it touches, killing organic contaminants at a cellular level. Essentially, Ozone disrupts the cellular structure by rupturing the cell wall – a process referred to as ‘cell lysing’.

Our sanitation process is highly effective for treating the air and surfaces in any area through the eradication of:

⦁    Bacteria
⦁    Viruses
⦁    Odors
⦁    Pathogens
⦁    Mold-Fungus
⦁    Allergens
⦁    VOC’s


Advantages of using Ozone

By safely harnessing the sanitizing power of ozone in gaseous form. As a gas, ozone is at its most effective. Ozone gas can fill areas very quickly, will penetrate places that are traditionally difficult to reach (including fabrics and upholstery) and will inactivate contaminants on contact.
By using ozone, the furnace ducts, walls, doors, windows, floors, ceilings, and contents, soft furnishings and even the air can be treated with no additional chemicals quickly and effectively.

With traditional sanitizing methods there is a risk of re-contamination as contaminates can potentially be spread around the area on cleaning cloths and implements. This risk is completely negated by using Ozone sanitation. As Ozone is a gas composed entirely of Oxygen, it leaves no chemical residue whatsoever.

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