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Pure Ozone Calgary helps homeowners, realtors, hotels, athletic and healthcare facilities to fight with odor and allergen removal.
We sanitize and deodorize commercial and residential properties by utilizing power of Ozone. It is harmless, non-toxic natural chemical. Ozone odor removal treatment is environmentally friendly.

Our odor eliminator system will protect your family and pets from germs, indoor contaminates and allergens. Ozone is extremely effective at eliminating cigarrete smoke smells. 

Properties can maintain a bad smell and odors due to particles that got trapped in the furniture, carpet, fabric, walls or even floorboards. Pure Ozone Calgary can eliminate or significantly step the smells down for cigarrete smoke, pet odour, food(curry) smell, mold, mildew, all types of smoke odors.


Purifying Calgary one job at a time!

First, we inspect the perimeters and locate the source of a bad smell. Next, high level of ozone gas will be used to disinfect and deodorize the air.

We will place several Industrial Grade Ozone Shock Generators which will be running for about 1-4 hours.

Ozone will destroy microorganisms and terminate odor at the molecular level from any crack, nook, corner or from most hidden or hard –to –reach spots.

Create a healthy living environment by keeping your home and business place fresh and free from pests and bugs.

Ozone is 10 times stronger than bleach. It can be used just for prophylactic treatment in the home from any infection and illness.

Ozone generators successfully remove household odors

Ozone Shock Treatment is a safe and effective way to deal with unpleasant odors in the home

⦁    Cigarette smoke,
⦁    Animal smells,
⦁    Cooking odors, curry
⦁    Molds,
⦁    Smells from fire and smoke odors
⦁    Chemical vapors.
⦁    Cannabis, marijuana, weed smell
⦁    Bacteria and viruses on contact, “sick building” syndrome.

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